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#67706 Posted at 2009-10-22 22:33        
I got a couple alternatives to NV i like to use if i am not equipped with it, and sometimes because i find it more effective in some situations, since it narrows down my field of vision quite a lot.

Look at the sky or your feet for thirty seconds to a minute. This'll get your character's eyes used to the dark, and for the next two minutes or so, the night will be like a black-and-white evening. This is more effective with scoped weapons, i think. Not very effective with red dots and EOTechs.

Use flares. They're fun. Just remember to use the white ones (not racist, white flares are just superior for combat purposes)

Spot one guy and kill him. Let muzzle flashes give away the other guys. Not very effective, but gives some quite intensive combat.

Sorry if i ramble a lot. I just like to ramble. It makes me feel like people listen to me. People never listen to me :(