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Darkhorse : As for Vilas... You seem to have woken up on the wrong side of the bed today. I suggest taking a nap and trying it again.

you too
than why easy reskin of BIS M4 but with name HK 416 and HK symbol on receiver and copy-paste EOT get more "woooow" than hardly made with lots of realistic details FAL, G3, AMD, SKS, RPD ever ?
why simple addon by someone who takes BIS element of one weapon and sticks to BIS M4 gets "woow"
it is really 20 seconds to copy model of scope and paste "anywhere" on M4 or M16 model and save file

why reskin to desert takes more attention than realistic made from scratch soldiers with new models, new gear, new webbing, new helmets, new materials etc.

why name "special forces" makes addon succes?
RACS made a lot of unique stuff, me too, why "desert reskin" is better than "lot of vehicles made from scratch in many months of work" ?

or you do something and "i don't download, i wait for US special forces" :P
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