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#68314 Posted at 2009-10-30 21:20        
Ok guys.... Lets not start any arguing because as you all know i like the fact that vilas came in here and expressed his opinion. Wich is something i expect from all our fans. So thank you vilas. Also thank you the rest of you guys for being rather civil and debating things. I WANT TO SEE THAT IN THIS THREAD. Input from fans and peers does make the mod better. vilas is very very passionate about what he does, I am as well. Those emotions sometimes dont get expressed with the right words across languages. We all must take that into consideration when reading others comments. Vilas simply expressed his opinion. feel free to express yours here as well....

Trucks, trucks,trucks, and more trucks
well the basic 4x4 truck i have the Pinzgauer kindly donated by lobo,

The M250 trucks are coming back in thoer 6x6 versions as well as a top secret SAM launcher on an 8 wheel version of the chassis......

here our loyal fans from Arma1 will remember what the 8 wheel chassis looks like.

as for SAM alunchers the SA6 will make a comeback in the armored pack. sibly an SA8, SA3 and a NASAMS.

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