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#68645 Posted at 2009-11-04 21:42        
vilas : [quote]lennard91 :
Multicam is for Wannebe-SOF airsofters :P
So not for the RACS and I think it's pretty expensive too.

i agree
you know what is problem ?
most of kids playing games want only "special forces, digi camo or multicam"
no matter what shit 100 addons, no matter
you can make super custom unique addons - nevermind
but when you will use word "special forces" even on poor copy-paste job, than every stupid kid wooooaaaa suuuuper

yeaaaa and everything with Acog and Aim, cow with Acog, tractor with Aimpoint, LAW with Aimpoint, another one copy-paste M4 wwith aimpoint...

and call everything "special forces" and you have "wooooa"

and i wish to be strong to other addonmakers, to follow their way, follow ideas
not follow another 14 years old who want "yeeea, ass kicking special forces in digital camo and M4 with Aimpoint"
cause there addonmakers would do 1000 the same addons and...
such kid next day want another "the same" addon
and you as addonmaker waste your time to please stupid kids

if you have idea like "poor country in Latin America" than follow your idea RACS and not let kids order you and change your ideas

you will work hard for months, they will go to CoD 6.5 cause "woooa, there are special forces"

for many kids word "special forces" , previously "digital camo" and now "multicam" are magic words

look at other forums
i made a lot of good realistic custom models
they costed me a lot of work, P85 is 2 years of work

who said wooooa seeing good and real FAL or G3 ?
but when i did 15 minutes easy addon of HK 416 with Eotech than so many voices woooow, suuuuuper, wooooa

booo :P

really HK 416 was easiest to do and get a lot of wooooow, instead of made from scratch with textures FALs, G3, other "not popstars weapons"
it was wooow because it was HK 416, but i know i spent more time on making real FN FNC and G3 details and FAL but... who care about FALS, if HK 416 name is "shaking"
do you think it was hard job ? not at all, just some copy-paste, strech, map, reskin things and HK 416 made
but you know... woooow , althought it was 1/10 of effort spent on G3 or FAL or Carl Gustav or Hungarian AMD

i wonder what would be "woooooaaaw" level if i would do "special forece in digital multicam and HK 416 with Aimpoint" , o my goood

RACS - follow your political idea - country of Latin America, not rich, old outdated equipment

you know - for me few good words about my addons from profesional soldiers and old people are worthy more, than kids who say wooooow seeing another copy-paste but called "special forces, super special forces, mega super hiper special forces" and another M4 + something in camo

M4 martpat, M4 acu, M4 flecktarn... M4 hello kitty

RACS - follow your way and don't let anyone change it
cause you will sink in sea of wishes and you will have 200000 requests and every another kid will have another request
and next kid would not be satisfied and RACS mod makers would sink in sea of requests and lost their ideas

and even if they would do all that kid request, next day after release another one would release "special forces with aimpoint" and your hard work would be forgotten

addons are like music
popstars are "popular" and "wooow" among idiots for one season
Metallica, Pantera,Machine Head, Kreator are listen for people by 20 years, and have worshipers, while popstar after one season "who was she ? what she sang? can't remember" and another "o baby baby love aha yeah aha" song is popular among idiots next week
miss A was star in march, miss B in april and in may noone knows them, cause kids listen to miss C///

RACS, be Kreator, Metallica, not "another love song" :D

imagine , on other side of monitor sits kid "i want that, i want this, i want..."
is he your boss to manage your life time ?
next after he will download your addon he will be still "i want this , i want that" to other person
demanding kids should not change your basic idea
you are boss WLD of RACS mod so just follow your ideas, don't ask what people wanna see
they want another "special forces in digital multicam and SCAR with Aimpoint" and in week they will be bored and went to CoD5, CoD7, CoD8 and you will loose yourself in sea of demandings :P

you must tell them what is geo-political situation of Sahrani ;) and they should take google and look for pictures of armies from Latin America or other place where Sahrani is located

ahahahahahahaahha! m4 hello kitty! lol someone please make that pattern! (I cant beleive i just quoted that just for the hello kitty bit)
Anyway, seeing as I have not read up on this project entirely the following question may have already been answered...
With the upcoming release of Operation Arrowhead is the team working on fresh desert textures in anticipation of it or are you waiting for the release?

I hope you step on a piece of Lego you bastard.