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Well, I spent some intern time in the army, two weeks only, but everyone I saw had ELCANs, all the pictures my Sergeant showed me from Afghanistan showed Danish soldiers with ELCANs, both on the rifles and carbines, and I just checked up on their on-line image gallery, everyone got ELCANs there too. So does the men and women in the "propaganda" videos and such. I am completely sure every soldier got an ELCAN on their rifle here. Actually, thinking about it, I don't think I have ever seen a Dane with a red dot or ironsight since we switched to the AR15 rifles. We basically love the ELCANs, we mount them on everything we got, even our M2s.

Looking at videos of our troops from some guy's helmet camera, I have seen a few men with aimpoints. So I google'd "Danish military optics", wikipedia gave me this:

The Army almost exclusively use the C7A1 and C8A2 with the Elcan C79 optical sight, while the Danish Home Guard use the C8A2 with the Swedish produced Aimpoint. The main feature of the Aimpoint is the "both eyes open" sighting. This is the preferred sighting method at shorter ranges.

So yeah, we pretty much only use the Elcan, a few of our soldiers and our home guard uses the Aimpoint. I don't know how it is on a squad base, first thing i thought was that the C8 carbines must be using the aimpoint then, seeing the shorter length and slightly shorter range of that weapon. But they mainly use the Elcan too. Maybe make two riflemen, one called "Rifleman" with a ACOG, and another called "Rifleman (Aimpoint)" with, you guessed it, Aimpoint.

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