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#81647 Posted at 2010-05-11 04:43        
Wikipedia: Platoon

In a few armies, such as the French Army, a platoon is specifically a cavalry unit, and the infantry use "section" as the equivalent unit.

There is no platoon level in the French Army organization because the French section is equivalent to the US platoon.

The word is derived from the 17th-century French peloton, meaning a small detachment of soldiers, which came from pelote meaning a small ball (originally from Latin 'pillula', meaning little ball).

A lot of words and especially military vocabulary come from the French language.

COS is equivalent to USSOCOM.

I have created a dedicated topic on this forum: French Army organization

This is my last post in english in this thread considering we are in the French only sub-forum.

If anybody has questions or want to continue the discussion further please do so in the new thread.

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