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#84650 Posted at 2010-06-30 17:15        
Although it was a little bit of a pain to navigate through Sprocket to buy and download Arrowhead, the wait and trouble were well worth it! The most important thing I think I can say about the expansion is that the money is worth it. We played two missions lastnight and were really impressed by how much smoother Aroowhead runs, the buildings and the ability to enter them. I was also very impressed with the maps as they really reminded me of places I have been to in Iraq and Afg.

Thanks to all of those who made a kickass expansion that me and my buddies will be able to enjoy!!!!!!

Computer Sepcs: Dell M1730, X9000 CPU, 4gb RAM, SSD, 8800 GTX SLI, Win 7 x64

The game runs much better than ArmA 2. As far as sound, I am using whatever the M1730 has and I haven't had any sound issues, even during firefights.

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