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# JVilla7 : Looks cool so far but don't forget back in 93' the Rangers were using the M16A2, in the pic he was holding an A4.
Its placeholder issue, see below.

You guys should use the movie Black Hawk Down
We will do our research from the internet.

Don't forget Delta Force were using the M4, MP5, M14, DCU camo, black flak vest, black knee pads and most important their famous black hockey helmet.
Thank you for the info, we'll surely try to make it right.

try not to use EO tech sights because they weren't made until 96'
For the 1993 scenario we will only include realistic weapons & gear.

but I do see that your making this mod up to present day.
I have to be honest, we are focusing now on the US Army side of things on 1993 and then African militia. The militia I believe haven't changed so much over the time, they are still the same unorganized civilian clothing guys wielding rusty AK47's.

For present day scenario the first goal is to have the "completely" destroyed Mogadishu terrain, meaning buildings are shot up and in ruins. Then we have to do lot of research (which seems to be quite easy, just watch the news) on how the islamics al-shaheeba (spelling) factions fight against the government (and outside) forces.

Just yesterday Ugandan president ordered 20,000 troops to Somalia to neutralize this al-shaheeba threat. Wonder what comes out of that.

Thanks for the feedback everyone, keep it coming!

First post updated, changes as following:

Note; included units are fact, they are in-game and you can play with them today. Planned features mean that it is not 100% guaranteed that they will appear in this mod, we do everything we can to make it happen but no promises.


Q: Does this big city lag on my computer?
A: No, our design goal is to have decent enough frame rates in the city.

Q: Will the weapons be like M16A4, Rangers used M16A2 in 1993?
A: Weapons on few of the screens are just ArmA 2 defaults, we will make realistic load outs for soldiers.

Q: Will the units be just re-textures?
A: No, we will model more realistic gear to those units, if we find research material.

Q: US Navy SEALs were not used in 1993 battle of Mogadishu!
A: It was not so much publicized fact, but they were there.

Q: How can I help?
A: By doing research on historic realism (weapons, gear, units, uniforms, city photos, etc), texturing, modeling, also Visitor 3 or other tool terrain editing and also beta testing. Send private message to me for further details.

Q: When is the release out?
A: Stable release is "when its done", development releases you could even get now by asking / joining the team.

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