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#86933 Posted at 2010-07-27 19:31        
gotcha no wonder it wasnt working. as of now its the exact same thing as arma2. alot of people i know like the ACE ruck system alot better then the build in OA backpack system. cant wait to see what changes are coming. i wana see a medical update so all the medical supplys are used instead of just 3 but thats just me. thanks for the info


iv searched wagn for a few hours now. cant find what im looking for. seems there isnt really much info on there. i must be missing something. search shows no results. evil its the exact same system as ACE2 for ARMA2 so whatever code it was for arma2 it is for operation arrowhead... at least for now that is

for future referance for anyone who cant find it.

this setvariable ["ACE_RuckMagContents",[["ACE_Bandage",24], ["ACE_Morphine",24], ["ACE_Epinephrine",24]]];

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