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#88078 Posted at 2010-08-13 08:11        
Thank mate,.. anyways

1: ive had the sound made by a sound mod maker! its already been converted to .ogg made to loop, you name it! lol.

2: dunno where to put the sound, I just make a sound folder in the mission and put the target line pointing to it???

3: Noooooooooo... lol! its what I mean, I dont know how to start off with putting the sound in! so..

Em,.. going through this now ive seen your file! lol, ill give it a wizz.

Ok, now im seeing you wrote a tut! stupid me, ill try all this out and get back to you! thanks man. :)

Added 1 hour 44 minutes later:

haha mate! its perfect! works really cool.... thanks mate!

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