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#89966 Posted at 2010-09-06 01:55        
I checked out Nielsens I.E.D Script example which was awesome :-)

I think i will add that instead of just the I.E.D placed on the map, and give it a trigger so the Terry's spawn when Bluefor get a certain distance from them :-)

Its funny i usually use another i.e.d script and set to medium (damages any soft vehicle but not the crew, its a SMAW HEDP round ), i usually place lets say a civilian, or a dead dog (Emery's) well today I placed a Invisible Helipad and as soon as my bluefor Warrior activated the trigger the missiles fires off into the distance and exploded on a hill 200m away *ROFL* with the dead dog etc its usually explodes outright where i placed the object.... Well that made me chuckle anyways :-)

Back on topic.....


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