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#92950 Posted at 2010-10-27 20:40        
Welcome to Armaholic :-)

First, why do you need help asap, I am sure you can spare some hours and wont die from not knowing in 2 minutes right? Ok, than a title like "need help asap!!!!!!!" is absolutely not needed. And when you read our forum rules you can find the title of your topic should be descriptive, yours truly is not.

Also, try to post in the correct section. This is obviously a mod/addon and as such belongs in the addons and mods section.

Additionally, if you are in so much hurry for just this police mod a simple search would give you many, many, many results it would amaze you. All people interested in that mod post, answer and act the same. Curious isn't it?

Anyway, you have gotten lots of help by our friendly members, but I advice you if you are so much interested do a little research yourself as well. You might expect others to answer you everything, I however never appreciate that kind of posting and lock this topic.
You can use one of the existing topics when you have questions which have not been answered by the info which is available on this website.

Good luck.

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