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#97400 Posted at 2011-01-27 18:09        
# Foxhound : A script with this maybe?
	 _x removeweapon "itemradio",;
forEach [unitname1,unitname2,etc];


Or, maybe group the leader with the radio trigger(s)?

grouping the unit in question to the radio trigger renders the trigger unusable

The script you gave was an idea I hadn't looked into yet. I tried it out but got script errors (never could figure out what it didn't like), but then I tried removing the "itemradio" in the init field of each of the units that was not supposed to be able to use the triggers. At first, I thought it had worked! But then a multiplayer test showed that whether they had the radio in their inventory or not, the 0-0 list AND the map radio were both still available to them.

Long story short = nice try, but it didn't work :(