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#1 Posted at 2010-03-28 16:55        
I had some questions that I hope could be answered.

I am looking at getting at least every release of both OFP and ArmA, does anyone know a good source to acquire these other than eBay?

I am relatively familiar with the Real Virtuality engine (played VBS-1 beta), but what is the difference in code language between OFP and ArmA?

Are there still any add-ons or upgrades for OFP GOTY and all the other older releases of both games?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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#2 Posted at 2010-03-28 17:43     

No idea where you can get OFP.

Just this.


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#3 Posted at 2010-03-28 17:55        

I think they use exactly the same language to code all their games. besides graphics, the difference is basically that the engine has been improved, thus allowing more advanced/better scripting. I think that should be correct if i'm not mistaken.


I believe that you still can find an enormous amount of OFP addons at
hope this helps.

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