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#1 Posted at 2010-06-29 22:57        
Firstly, hi. Secondly, how the hell does one land a group of helicopters for them each to take a squad of men. At the moment all of my missions consist of either one helicopter landing that is in a group while the rest just hover there, or all of the helicopter's individually trying to land on their own helipads and flying right into each other on the way in. I have seen many missions in which you call in the extraction, but this doesn't really fit the bill- i'd rather just sit there and watch the choppers land, pick up the troops, and carry on with their stuff because i'm not much of a pc gamer and don't really like pressing all of the keys at the moment (as odd as that may sound). I really need to buy a controller.

So any help would be muchly appreciated, and if anyone has or could set me up a demo mission then that too is also even better. I did have a mighty trawl through the downloads section and didn't find anything that fits the bill. Also, i wasn't sure of where this should go, so here it is.

Thanks guys.