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You can find the Arma 2 Mission editing FAQ here.

Arma Script Examples
- Ghost's Assorted Scripts (These are a collection of scripts I have written over the past few years)

LoadScreen Library - a list of A2:OA stock-loadscreens incl. preview pictures
In A2:OA it is possible to define a picture that will be displayed while your mission is loading.
This works via loadscreen-command in description.ext.
I made a list of all loading-pictures I could find in A2:CO.
The .pdf-document contains paths and preview-pictures as well as a small guide for creating custom-loadscreens.
The download contains also two sample-missions incl. image-files - thats why its ~1,5MB.

[Download LoadScreen Library]

Source: BI forums

PlannedAssault web based mission builder
- PlannedAssault, at, takes your input, plans a large scale combined arms battle, and turns this into a single player mission you can download and play.

Sandbox - Playing with Arma
The website is a collections of notes, tutorials and ramblings of the site’s author as he fumbles and plays with Bohemia Interactive Studio’s games ArmA: Combat Operations, VBS2 JCOVE lite and Arma II.

Six Config Browser
- Six Config Browser, at is a handy site to browse all different config classes. Available for A2, A2 + OA with and without the ACE2 mod.

Mission Editing manuals
- ArmA 2 Editing References
- Armed Assault Editing References
- [Beginners guide]: Arrays
- [Beginners Guide]: Event Handlers
- Domination Conversion Guide + Example Missions

Mission Editor Video Tutorials
- Basic UAV setup
- Full Mission Editor video tutorial series (source)
- Mission Editor Video Tutorials by Alien
- Advanced Mission Editing and Scripts tutorials by Oksman
- Arma 2 Editing - Operation Flash by Oksman
- Mission Editor Video Tutorials by PCLiPSE (source: )
- Mission Editor Video Tutorials by richiespeed13
- ArmA2 MISSION EDITOR TUTORIAL by benny (also check related video's for more tutorials!)

Scripting commands

Classnames & example pictures
- Arma 2 & Operation Arrowhead objects, weapons and units library
- Operation Arrowhead Bags Reference (Cargo slots, Class Names and in game images)
- Operation Arrowhead Classnames
- Operation Arrowhead British Armed Forces Classnames
- Where can you find PMC and BAF vehicle class IDs

Addons / addons usage
HowTo Check for addon presence

Animations & actions
- How to make a HALO jump
- Looping an Animation

Ammo and weapons
- Adding Arty Support in the editor
- addWeapon script (adds correct magazines automatically)
- Operation Arrowhead - Ammo Crate Filler
- BAF Ammo Crate Filler Script
- Custom Ammo Box Script Generator
- Placing IR Strobes on map via Editor
- Takistan Militia mortars
- Using BAF IED's via scripting.

- Closing all The doors within radius
- How to place soldiers in guard towers
- How to put units in buildings using the Town Construction Module

- UnitCapture & UnitPlay Functions - make the AI do what you do!

Intro / outro /cutscene
- Video Playback - how to use it

- How to Fully use Gita (Town Generator)
- Simple Support Module
- Simple Support Module & ULB Module

- How to setup a respawn for MP using a base respawn

Script examples
- Example missions for the above script examples
- Grass - Enable/Disable + ViewDistance
- Make ai drag wounded soldiers
- Remove Dead bodies script
- Script examples.

Tasks and objectives.
- Tasks and objectives

- Guide for suicide bomber and IEDs
- Repeating triggers

- Changeable Clothes
- Super Simple Ambient Civilians on any map
- Toggleable Ghillie suit
- Video showing the 9 faces and the 4 new voices that shipped with the BAF DLC

- How to use the SCUD launcher
- Vehicle Cargo Capacity Chart
- How to restrict vehicles usage
- Make it so Only Clan members can use Certain Vehicles

- Placement & Completion Radius

Weapon systems

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Holy cow, this will definitely come in handy!

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