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I am currently working on a campaign for Armed assault and i have already planned on making a sequel to this campaign in Arma 2.

Here is a summary...

In 1998, Sahrani split up into two different nations. In the south the Democratic monarchy of Southern Sahrani, in the north Communist Northern State of Sahrani. Six years later, bitter hatred and arguments between the two had rose the attention of the U.N and sent peace keepers to deal with the situation, there they realized the situation was growing out of control and they sent the U.S Army's 4th infantry division to southern Sahrani, in hopes that a large presence of Military units would calm down the situation. Instead it escalated it, The SLA and Communist government of the north purchased large amounts of weaponry in response to the U.N's decision to send U.S Military personal to the area.

The King and government of the south took offense to the North's response and soon peace talks began to surface. The North said they would stop there purchasing of weaponry if the South agreed to re-unite the country as one Communist country and make the U.N and United states leave the south. The Southern government officials disagreed, stating that was the reason of separation in the first place. Soon all talks ended and the North cut off the border leading to or from the south, oil soon fell and all the remaining oil fell into the hands of the Government and Military of the north. Riots broke out all over the north as Humanitarian rights soon vanished. One riot in particular left 20 dead and 14 wounded, the nations of the world took noticed of the large uprising in violence in the north including the United States and tried to come into contact with the Leader of the North but failed. On April 12th, 2004, The Leader of the North was shown on National Television being tortured and executed by his top Military Generals while civilians celebrated and watched.

The people of the north pointed, General Adrian Hermaz, to lead the country as a military dictatorship. Thinking their rights would return to them, but sadly it worsened. The Royal Sahrani Military and U.S 4th infantry division both could not stand by and watch humanitarian rights be ignored and commenced an invasion, to liberate the north and take down the government to re-unite the country as a Democratic state. You are apart of the airborne assault Cpl. Ray Allen, but what happens when the invasion backfires and you and your entire division is cut off from the liberators in a small part of the will fight alongside other members of your company and wait the arrival of the rest of your division. God help us all...

I am looking for a team to help me as well care to join? Email me at and leave a comment here on this forum.

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