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#16 Posted at 2012-02-20 20:32        
I've just had a PM asking for an update so in addition to replying to that, I thought I'd post a few details in here too.

The script is currently embedded in a Domination edit, but could be extricated from that without too much trouble. The version I will be releasing will be a Domination bolt on though.

The script takes a number of parameters. The location where the IEDs are centered on, then a radius around that. The script places a clutter object (to hide the IED) on or near the side of the roads within the radius and then places an IED under some of them. There are 3 sizes of IED, the smallest is an AP device that would normally only wound a unit, but sometimes can kill. The medium device will damage an MBT and kill any dismounted troops nearby. The big one... well... let's just say, it's big. :) You can say how many clutter objects the script creates and of them, how many have IED under them and control the number of which types of IEDs are spawned.

The script requires an addon to work. The addon has a brand new IED model, and IED disruptor an three custom explosions that can be called when the IED detonates.

The only way to disarm the IED is by using approaching it in the crawl, then using the disruptor on it, as seen in the video in the above post. The disruptor works in the same way as a satchel.

A feature I'm working on right now is an antihandling/boobytrap system. Basically, there is a random chance the device will explode while the disruptor is being placed.

Hopefully, I'll be releasing this, more likely the entire Domination mission that contains it within a week or so.