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#1 Posted at 2011-05-15 00:55        
Hello All,

I Have been exploring different user made PBOs trying to see how they work and have been coming across one problem. I use EliteNess to UnPBO the files, then to Create a new PBO when im done tinkering. Now I get Error messages on Missions that use the PBOs that I was tinkering with, even if I didnt change anything. Message says "Cannot Load Material File" referring to one of the Rvmat files in the PBO. I can still play the mission with no problems but I can't seem to get this messages from popping up.

Now I have done some research and have heard that 2 things can cause this, incorrect path to the Rvmat file (impossible since the PBO worked fine before I opened it, and I never changed a thing. Or, more likely, a file that was already binarized and got binarized "again". I don't really know what binarized means, and am not sure how to "exclude" a rvmat from being binarized once I use Eliteness to create a new PBO. Can anyone assist or point me to a info source? So far this has happened to any Mod that adds new vhicles to the game (Project RACS Armor Pack, BDS_T-55, Smurf_uk_t-55) all these rvmat error messages are getting to be a headache!


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