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Hi all,

I'm developing a mission utilizing old life scripts. I usually plow right through my problems and solve them and sometimes I spend several hours tracking down the errors and eventually fix them. I am working on a problem now where "scalar" appears in a dialog. It seems that no matter what I edit, no script seems to link to it:

lbAdd [1, format ["%1: %2", localize "STRS_statdialog_hunger", round(INV_hunger)]];

The dialog appears in game as such:

Hunger: scalar

However, this code is identical to past life scripts and an actual number does appear instead of "scalar". INV_hunger is reference to a script called food.sqf which I have reviewed with no errors. The above "problem" codes are part of a script: maindialogs.sqf. This script dictates the data that is actually in the dialog box.

Now, If all the scripts are working fine then why would "scalar" appear? I have done my cross checks with working scripts from other life missions where the hunger is actually working properly. So Im confused. Any help is appreciated in order to get me looking in the right direction to resolve this issue.


Nevermind, I fixed it by adding in the init:

INV_hunger = 5

Yay... I do not know why I didnt do this earlier.

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