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Vietnam Multi-Session-Operation
A MSO to enhance the Vietnam mods.

Hello everyone.
As you all might have played, MSO's create wars around the players as they simply patrol and walk around the map, while keeping the base "dry" of combat.
I recently downloaded both the Unsung and VTE Mods. They're great. But there's almost no missions for them.
Sure, we can plop down a couple units in the editor and post it Multiplayer, but that's just a single mission that usually doesn't last long.
Basically what I'm saying, is that I'm currently in the process of making a MSO for the Vietnam Experience and UNSUNG mods combined. I feel this area of ARMA is untouched, and deserves more notice.
Help Needed
1.I need people to help test, first of all.
2.I need a system or script identical to ACM, that is able to be used anywhere on the map, instead of having to sync to units and configure each time.
3.Anyone with the knowledge capable of helping me create a ZORA module for this map would be appreciated.

If you would like to help, contact me by my ARMAHOLIC account.

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