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#1 Posted at 2012-01-06 05:17        
My idea for a mission is to have the player's squad secure a series of LZs and oversee evacuation of civilians by helicopter. When the player has chosen an LZ and set up security, he can call in the chopper. I could do this with onSingleMapclick, but I would like to do it by allowing the player to actually designate a spot on the ground without going to the map. Basically function like the BIS module that gives the player an air taxi, but that module won't work because the player will not board the chopper and when the chopper leaves, it will go to a pre-defined point, not a player-defined point.
Less important, it would be a nice touch if when the chopper was called in, it would approach somewhere in the vicinity, maybe 1k out, then notify the player by radio that it was near and wait for the player to throw a smoke grenade to designate the LZ before the chopper landed.