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#1 Posted at 2012-01-08 18:33        
Hi all,

i'm busy on my huge multiplayer map for my team, and got the following question.

I need my Base to be weapons free (only officers may carry a handgun) for all soldiers.

I wanted to do this with a Trigger, defining the zone wich has to be weapons free.

If weapons are detected while entering the zone this person goes to jail for 1 minute. the place of this jail is yet to be decided. If any suggestions.

I also have this second question,

I made a shooting range, and i want that location to be off limits for all soldiers, except when flown over with a chopper or airplane.
What i mean is, if any soldier walks into the target zone at the shooting range he will go to jail for 1 minute too.

When the 1 minuto of jail time is served, the soldier gets free'd in front of the jail gates, awaiting a taxi.

Are these things possible?