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#1 Posted at 2012-04-20 15:23        
While the FTNOIR 1.6 version is getting pretty stale, I've forked the code into a development branch with the intent to get it merged in time for 1.7. Some of the improvements are:

- new, open-source head tracker, not misbehaving that much on extreme head rotation
- new filter replacing EWMA2 preventing drift, especially in sims with clickable in-cockpit controls (hello, TOH)
- new curve settings dialog, allowing an arbitrary amount of points. Note that the old version lied, since the API it used for drawing was never meant for plotting! Internally implemented on top of catmull-rom splines.
- performance improvements related to the 'crosshair' widget

The fork began following the dissatisfaction with the EWMA2 filter and soon started to include changes to other parts of the code.

You can get both the binaries and the source code at

There's an ongoing SF.NET thread at

There's also a sample video of an old version in Falcon BMS (another sim, not ArmA related), see how smooth it works compared to EWMA2