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#1 Posted at 2012-04-24 00:27        
I would like to see a few options added to the command interface for SP, namely speed variables (slow, normal, fast, and sprint) and squad spacing (tight, normal, loose). The speed commands would use leapfrogging up til sprint, which would be an advance at all costs type move order, and spacing is pretty self explanatory. Also included could be scan for enemies near, medium, and far, and default, depending on the amount of territory being covered, an order for suppression at an enemy target or location, and a flank maneuver on a position.

I would like to try to do this myself because I think many modders have moved on to A2 and OA, but I've never worked with code. Is this possible, and if so could anyone offer suggestions as to what I could read to increase my modding smarts?

Thanks in advance for all the helpful tips I'm sure to receive :D

edit:this is a request for other modders, but i will also post a copy in the section about making scripts to get advice about making it myself. thanks

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