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#1 Posted at 2012-08-15 20:01        
So I got ArmA 2 re-installed for the first time in a while day before yesterday. Had a new PC since I last played so was expecting good things. Go to start it up, and get the 5 second intermittent lags.

Figured it couldn't have been my PC because of running it on a lesser set up a matter of months ago, but I whacked everything down to low just incase. Still lag.

So I lose my patience after stressing with it for near on an hour, forgot about it. Start it up yesterday, works fine, everything on high. No idea why, how or anything. Didn't change a thing on my PC, hadn't even restarted.

Was there a hotfix? Was it a software issue? Who knows. At least it's working now. I've seen a few people with this issue so just if it helps it might just be one of those 'things'. :/

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