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#1 Posted at 2012-09-08 00:59        
my friend and i have come up with a really awesome idea and we are currently working it we are making a stalker themed dynamic mission/pack and we it would be AWESOME if we can get some help on this, we are only mappers and we to make the mission even better we could use some custom gear/models eg bloodsuckers and there are some parts of the scripting in the map editor that we are not 100% on so if anyone is a expert at scripting in arma 2 it would be great if you can add me on steam so i can ask you about a few bumps that we may come across.

So far the mission in tales you as a independent loner Stalker/with your buddys, we are currently making a back story for CooP and single now, you walk around the mini military base that you start in, chilling checking everything out (BTW i intend to make this as true to S.T.A.L.K.E.R as possible people will be playing guitar songs from stalker, people we be talking have convos with all the sounds coming from stalker or just as good)there will be a trader like person from stalker, he will in tale you missions and rewards, just like stalker and there will be a MAJOR storyline spanning over many missions.

But we can't do this easily without some outside help, we are not 100% on all the scripting on arma 2 we could really use some help.

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What all do you need help in with scripting? I could help.


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What is up with all the caps in the title? We hate caps like that and it is also not allowed!
Caps replaced.

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