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#1 Posted at 2012-11-22 04:25        
Hey guys, I've been working on ALOT of highly detailed and highly thoughtful missions just for the heck of it. I've decided that with all the work and effort me and my friend have put into it, we've decided to make a small series or campaign of them. We are calling it Screaming Horizon. The series of missions are similar to a campaign of lets say Medal of Honor. They follow the same story line, plot and eventually lead into a deeper more thoughtful and interesting campaign with surprising twists and events. Unfortunately, Mine won't be exactly like that...Not for the Surprising twists etc...I'm still sort of new at editing and creating PERFECT missions so that's why I came here. So far everyone on ArmAholic has been overwhelmingly generous to take time off to help me with questions and etc... I would like to thank the entire community for that. I would also love it if people could possibly help me out with this series and possibly even turn it into a mod? Hell who knows where this could go? That's all I have to say as of now, thank you for reading this long post(Sorry about that) and feel free to contact me on Steam if you want to help..Steam name: TYPHOONTIGER