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#1 Posted at 2012-11-24 06:26        
Multiplayer MISSION: Russian Navy Invasion
I have been working on this mission for a while now, and I am at the stage of needing testers/constructive criticism. The name of the mission is Russian Navy Invasion. It is sort of a multi-faction, free roam, team combat scenario. You can play as the leader of the USMC, the leader of the Chernogorsk Police Dept., the leader of a CDF Militia or a member of any faction. The primary objective is to be determined by the player in command, but the USMC has the option of doing secop missions. I have included two BLUFOR groups composed of both civilians and Marines, they are meant to be elite "delta force" teams. There are 2 fully stocked US bases and 2 poorly stocked CDF bases.


Screenshots posted on download page.

random US aircraft spawning on ground near Drakon island
AI aircraft not flying
Policemen don't spawn with Markov PM ammo
no pilot characters
AI don't move around enough

I plan on releasing a Russian Navy Invasion 2.0 soon which should resolve these problems.
Thanks for reading. Please test!

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