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#1 Posted at 2013-02-12 16:50        
Hey guys, I have been trying to add in my own briefing.sqf in to DayZ for one of our servers. Specifically, I just want some text to be shown in the "Notes" tab on the Map screen while players are in-game. I've done briefings before for other missions that worked fine but this one seems to be giving me some trouble. Unfortunately, I have not been able to get this to work correctly no matter what I seem to try :(

Now, I've had some minor success and was able to get the Notes working while players are at the second loading screen which shows the overview of the map before the game starts. I tested this on a live dedicated server and I could see the Notes, but for some strange reason, once I loaded in-game, I hit M and tried to view the Notes but there was nothing there! D:

I am quite perplexed as to why they would show up during loading and not in-game. The only things I can think of are 1.) There is something else in the mission code that is removing it
2.) I'm doing it wrong

Here is what I added to the top of my init.sqf:
[] execVM "briefing.sqf";

And here is my briefing.sqf:
*			-={AWG}=- DayZ HIVE
*			Mission Briefing
*			Author: Anzu
private ["_vehicle"];

// since we're working with the player object here, make sure it exists
waitUntil { !isNull player };
waitUntil { player == player };

//_vehicle = objNull;
_vehicle = vehicle player;
//diag_log "Running ""briefing"".";

// briefing entries
_log_briefing = _vehicle createDiaryRecord ["Diary", ["VIP Gear for Donors", "<br/>Donations are what keeps our community and servers alive =)  Donation Options are available on our website.<br/><br/><br/><br/>We do appreciate your generous donation, no matter how much. Those who donate will get VIP loadouts that they will spawn with each time they start a new life.  VIPs may choose from a list of items that they will be able to spawn with each time they start a new life in-game.<br/><br/>  VIP options are available as follows:<br/>   == LEVEL 1 (donate atleast $5 a month): ==<br/>    -- Primary Weapons: --<br/>     AK-74<br/>     AKM<br/>     AKS-74 Kobra<br/>     AKS-74u<br/>     M16A2<br/>     M4A1 CCO<br/>     Double-Barreled Shotgun<br/>     Winchester 1866<br/>     Lee Enfield<br/>     M4A1 Holo<br/>    -- Secondary Weapons: --<br/>     M1911<br/>     Makarov PM<br/>     Revolver<br/>     M9<br/>     <br/>    Equipment:<br/>     Water Bottle<br/>     Soda Can (Coke)<br/>     Soda Can (Pepsi)<br/>     Can (Baked Beans)<br/>     Can (Pasta)<br/>     Can (Sardines)<br/>     Cooked Meat<br/>     Bandage<br/>     Morphine Auto-Injector<br/>     Painkillers<br/>     Epi-pen<br/>     Blood Bag<br/>     Heat Pack <br/>     Road Flare<br/>     Smoke Grenade<br/>     Binoculars<br/>     NV Goggles<br/>     Compass <br/>     Entrenching Tool<br/>(Click arrow in bottom-right corner for Next Page)<br/>     Flashlight<br/>     Flashlight (Military)<br/>     Watch<br/>     Map<br/>     Hunting Knife<br/>     Matches<br/>    Backpacks:<br/>     Czech Vest Pouch (6 slots)<br/>     Patrol Pack (Coyote) (8 slots)<br/>     Assault Pack (ACU) (12 slots)<br/>     Czech Backpack (16 slots)<br/>     Alice Pack (20 slots)<br/>    Skins:<br/>     Survivor<br/>     Survivor (Female)<br/>     Camo<br/>     Ghillie<br/>     Rocket<br/>     Bandit<br/>     Bandit (Female)<br/>     Hero<br/>   == LEVEL 2 (donate $10 per month or more, all Level 1 gear is included): ==<br/>    -- Primary Weapons: --<br/>     CZ550<br/>     M24<br/>     Mk 12 SPR<br/>     G36C SD Eotech<br/>     M4A1 AIM SD<br/>    -- Secondary Weapons: --<br/>     M9SD<br/>     MakarovSD<br/>    Equipment:<br/>     GPS<br/>    Backpacks:<br/>     Coyote Backpack (24 slots)"]];

_log_briefing = _vehicle createDiaryRecord ["Diary", ["Mission Editors", "<br/>AWG's Mission Editors: Anzu and Tactical Force<br/>====================<br/>Contact us on Steam<br/>====================<br/>Tactical Force: pontiacman86<br/>Anzu: tylenol187<br/>You can drop us a line with suggestions or give us props :)"]];

_log_briefing = _vehicle createDiaryRecord ["Diary", ["-={AWG}=- Epic Bases", "<br/>  Our mission editors have added custom-designed Epic Bases into the map at various locations.  These bases serve as posts where survivors and bandits can fight to capture and defend.  We encourage you all to go out and explore every corner of the map and find the Epic Bases.  Some of the bases have gear boxes we've added in for supplies.  Most of them are pretty huge in scale and will be obvious when you find them, but if you aren't sure where they are try asking another player ;)<br/>(The Epic Base at Sebjan Airfield is SurvivorHQ, a neutral base.  Seee the SURVIVOR HQ RULES page for more info)"]];

_log_briefing = _vehicle createDiaryRecord ["Diary", ["SURVIVOR HQ RULES (Neutral Base) - PLEASE READ!", "<br/>===================================================================<br/>IF RULES AREN'T OBEYED IT WILL RESULT IN KICK or TEMP BAN or BAN FROM ENTERING SURVIVOR HQ!<br/>===================================================================<br/>  There is a large, fortified base at Sebjan Airfield known as Survivor HQ.  It is a place where bambis and veterans alike can come and gear up, meet other players, or just hang out for a good time :)  If you wish to enter Survivor HQ, you must announce yourself on Side or Global Chat that you are near the base and wish to approach.  If there are guards on duty, they will respond.<br/><br/>  While you are inside Survivor HQ, there are some rules you must follow, which include the following:<br/>    1. Do NOT shoot friendlies while you are in the base.<br/>    2. ANNOUNCE yourself before approaching the base or you may be treated as HOSTILE!<br/>    3. Do NOT camp inside the base for extended periods of time (if a guard asks you to leave, you must leave).<br/>    4. Do NOT logout within the base, unless you are an Official Survivor HQ Guard.<br/>    5. Do NOT let others into the base without getting permission from a guard.    6. Do NOT hoard tons of vehicles inside the base (this goes for guards and players).<br/>    7. Do NOT steal other players' gear or vehicles while inside the base.  <br/><br/>  If you catch people breaking these rules and there is no admin available at the time to ban them, please post a Ban Request on our forums in the Bans/Unbans section.<br/><br/>"]];

_log_briefing = _vehicle createDiaryRecord ["Diary", ["SERVER RULES - PLEASE READ!", "<br/>===================================================================<br/>IF RULES AREN'T OBEYED IT WILL RESULT IN KICK/TEMP BAN/PERMABAN!<br/>===================================================================<br/>Our rules are fair and simple:<br/>  1. RESPECT other players, especially admins! (Rivalry is fine, but do when you blatantly disrespect another player in an abusive manner you will be banned.<br/>  2. Do NOT cheat or hack or run any mods and/or addons that are not explicitly required to join our server! If you do, you will be permabanned, submitted GUID to global ban list, AND your IP will be traced and an abuse report will be sent to your Internet Service Provider.<br/>  3. Do NOT advertise for other servers or clans, or try to recruit people for another clan while on our servers.<br/>  4. Do NOT hang out with cheaters or ask them to give you things, you will banned along with the cheater.<br/>  5. Do NOT talk in voice on Side or Global Chat.  You will be warned the first time, do it again and you may get kicked or banned.<br/><br/>  If you catch people breaking these rules and there is no admin available at the time to ban them, please post a Ban Request on our forums in the Bans/Unbans section.<br/><br/>"]];

_log_briefing = _vehicle createDiaryRecord ["Diary", ["Admins", "<br/>CURRENT SENIOR ADMINS:<br/>  Anzu<br/>  Tactical Force<br/>  Swany<br/>  Suicide<br/>  KernalPanic<br/>  Rezel<br/>  Jordan<br/>  Superxpdude<br/>  Yellowjacket<br/>  Cheknov<br/><br/>CURRENT JUNIOR ADMINS:<br/>  TigerChan<br/>  Heavy Smoker<br/>  Venner<br/><br/>==============================================================================================================<br/>If you have a problem with cheaters/griefers and there is no admin available, please message one of us on Steam or post on our forums.<br/>  One of us is usually always online.<br/>==============================================================================================================<br/>Contact us on Steam<br/>====================<br/>  Tactical Force: pontiacman86<br/>  Anzu: tylenol187"]];

I've tested this in the editor by creating a blank mission on Utes with nothing but that single line in init.sqf, that briefing.sqf, and a blank briefing.html file. It worked perfectly during the loading screen AND in-game during my tests on my client PC. I've tried a number of other things as well, such as putting the script in a while loop that runs every 10 seconds on the clients, but it still wouldn't work :(

If anyone can offer some advice or point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it greatly :) Thanks in advance!

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