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#1 Posted at 2013-03-22 00:11        
hey guys,

i have a thread over on the BI forums but finally found time to make another thread here. I made arma roleplay items for a2 where you can use MISC items in the inventory. i learned a thing or 2 and am working on my next mod, Arma Roleplay 2 Objects. this will include misc objects that can be placed on the map and used for mission design. so far i have things like an ied, computer, laptop, paper file, large map, and a radio in the game. im hoping to release this mod soon but was curious to hear what people on armaholic would like to see :) here is a WIP pic of possibly your next command center? imagine going here to get missions, using the radios to communicate with forward troops or maybe even going to a computer and watching your squad on the frontline VIA PIP? would be cool but has to be scripted. anyways, enjoy and fire away anything you want to see in game, ill try to make it.

EDIT: added a map that can be placed against a wall.

A first alpha version has been released, please continue here:

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