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Requesting Anzio 20mm Rifle
If possible.

I would love to see this beast in action. It would serve well in situations where you will want to comfortably deliver extreme violence to infantry and armoured vehicles over 2000m (or even over 3000m). It would also do well in counter-sniping situations, in unconventional operations, and psychological warfare, which triggers panic and intimidation.

Produced by Anzio Iron Works, the mag-fed 20mm rifle weighs over more than 25kg and is capable of delivering 20mm rounds (used with the M61 Vulcan by some aircraft such as the F-16 and AC-130H) at high speed that MAY guarantee torso decapitation, premature ejaculation, and spontaneous combustion (lolwut). If used with armour-piercing or high explosive ammunition, Duke Nukem may approve.


More Images:


Other useful Info:
So far I have no idea of the scope's magnification and its zeroing.