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Greetings, gentlemen.

The Yellow Star Campaign
First Chernarussian Civil War, a long lasting series of skirmishes and a bunch of battles, which starts in 1992. In this conflict, ChDKZ founded and Lopotev, a successful officer in this war, got his Akula title. After they get a pyrrhic victory in 1996, peace gets restored and they establish a communist regime. This government does not last long and a new government rises in 1998. In protests of 1999, a former ChDKZ officer, Andrey Akula Lopotev, re establishes the ChDKZ. Second Chernarussian Civil War starts in 2009, which lasts less than 1 month after Operation Harvest Red. I really hope that this campaign will be special. References to old games, return of the characters, flashbacks... Around 33 missions planned with their briefings and texts, and 4 of them completed. Also, the pre campaign, with bonus missions, like the Utes Massacre, the Red Protests will be released, depending on the popularity of the campaign.

Because Chernarus has a really intense, detailed story, also the Armaverse. I was always impressed with it, the Green Sea Expansion Project, the Project CDF, the Project RACS, the CWR, all of them. Also, it's not really done before, I have an intention of creating a immersive campaign with the perspective of common soldiers, not generals, special forces or other elite (actually easy) stuff. But, in this campaign, I hope you will feel the atmosphere of a civil war, brothers fighting against their brothers, for their own land....

Why not ArmA 3?
As I said, I really got amazed with ArmA 2, I was amazed with it since OFP: CWC (ArmA: CWA), and I don't really like the futuristic stuff. But, looking forward to Green Sea Conflict.

The Timeline
The background stories. The most important part of a scenario I think. As the whole "playable story" is ready, it is time to prepare the story before. So, I want you gentlemen to feel and know it, like you lived it. Oh, not to forget, Chernarus is a big country actually, what we see is only South Zagoria. You can access the whole Chernarus by clicking here.

Recommended Reading About Chernarus
This page has a lot of amazing detail about the Chernarus, I really recommend reading it, to all the ArmA fans.

Version 0.02, It's still pretty WIP, but playable. Suggestions and feedbacks are wanted! Since it is not a campaign yet, the playing order for the missions is as follows;

Addons and Requirements
ArmA2 Combat Operations is required.
No addons are required, but I recommend playing with Brainbug's retexture for ChDKZ units.