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#1 Posted at 2013-07-11 07:41        
Hello everyone!

I am quite unsure if this is related to scripts or editing.
I have recently started editing a new, more complex mission.

I have encountered some problems, as the title says, at AI dynamics (not sure if it's the right term):
• When placing a unit (that doesn't belong to any group) it doesn't do anything at all, except proning and shooting.
^ Can I make it move randomly, get to cover, and maybe stop him from continuosly going to prone?
• When placing a unit/group of units, and using the cycle in order to make it patrol, it doesn't stop at enemy fire.
^ Can I make it stop patroling when fired at by the enemy, and MAYBE searching for cover?
• AI driving is just TERRIBLE.
^ Am I doing something wrong, or the AI driving skills actually suck? Is there any way to fix this except by adding external files like the "AI driving fix"?

The most annoying problem I have encountered is that the enemy AI always go to prone, and just stay like that forever. Can this be improved without adding external files (mods)?

Please correct me if you spot any mistakes, I am not a native English speaker.

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#2 Posted at 2013-07-15 17:17        
You can do some stuff to make your AI more dynamic but in all honesty external files (script) are your best bet. Things like UPSMON or DAC. These are not simple to setup and configure (well.. UPSMON is pretty simple... DAC is not).

AI driving skills are crap and unless you want do to a ton of trial and error with waypoints, a script is your best bet. Both UPSMON and DAC handle AI driving quite well... as long as you don't want a convoy ;-)

Bless you my son.

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