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#1 Posted at 2013-07-20 08:31        
Hello, i want to create a dedicated server for this mission:

I use TADST Server Manager, after i create the server i get "wait for host" if i or my friends join.
In the Server CMD stands "Read MISSION_NAME from bank".
I searched in google, they told me i add the right addons for this... i think its ACR LITE, but how i can
add this? I dont find the Folder...

If i create the server ingame with the "new" button... all guys can join.
I looked on booth methods in the expansion list and see this:

On the dedicated server, there is "CA" in the Expansion list, and in the ingame server method not, but twice "ARMA 2".
How i can make this on the dedicated server? I think this is the result of my problem...