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Delicate Balance


Complete the missions with minimal loss.

Mission is based on a teamplay and close collaboration between players. Players have to leave combat area after finishing or failing the objective. Enemy is patrolling both air and ground , so be careful when you're leaving your base.

  • Game menu: Game menu is available when you press "T". In the opened window - scroll to select option or use numbers on your keyboard.

  • Weapon selection and modification: Players can choose any weapon on the base and modify it to fit the mission style.

  • Gear: The rest of equipment is in the boxes

  • Medicine: Only medics can completely heal wounded soldiers. Take good care of them.
    Medical equipment is in the medical tent.

  • Rally point: Commanders can set up spawn points (if that option is enabled in mission settings), which can be used for teleport through UAV

  • Engineers: Engineers can repair vehicles (except strongly damaged vehicles).
    Engineers can lock and unlock vehicles.

  • Team scoring: Completed task: +5 points
    Failed task: -3 points
    Respawn at base: -1 point

  • Ammo refill: Your armory refills when you complete an objective. The worse your team status is - the less ammo will be refilled. Failed objectives do not result ammo refill.

  • Objectives: Destroy enemy vehicles
    Capture enemy vehicles
    Eliminate enemy officers
    Rescue POW
    Capture POW
    Securing combat areas
    Protecting objects

  • Finish 10 task to win. You will loose if your score reaches -30

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file to your Arma 2 Operation arrowhead\MPMissions folder.

    Credits & thanks:
    - UPS & UPSMON
    - Domination - Xeno
    - War in Takistan - code34
    - ACE
    - DynamicWeatherEffects.sqf - Engima of Ostgota Ops
    - Novgames.RU community for testing

    Forum topic:
    - BI forums

    Delicate Balance Co-29 (@)

    Arma 2
    Advanced Combat Environment 2 - Core
    Community Base Addons
    Fallujah (Optional: Fallujah version)
    CAA1 project (Optional: Sahrani version)

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