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#1 Posted at 2013-09-16 16:45        
I have used Tophe's simple vehicle respawn script in ArmA2, but with ArmA3 having a built-in vehicle respawn module, I wanted to give it a try.

The issue is that I do not get the vehicle to respawn in the same place it was initially placed on the map. The vehicle will be placed near, but not exactly at the starting position. This causes problems when I have a vehicle in a hangar or parked near buildings, where it may collide with said object and become damaged or blow up.

These are the steps I took:
1. Place vehicle(s) on map.
2. Select Modules, Category "Multiplayer", Module "Vehicle Respawn"
- Name = <blank>
- Initialization = <blank>
- Description = <blank>
- Probability = <blank>
- Condition of presence = true
- Placement Radius = 0
- Delay = 5
- Deserted Delay = 15
- Tickets = <blank>
- Expression = <blank>
- Position = Starting Position
- Position selection = Random (there were only three options: New, Old, Random)
- Wreck = Delete
- Notification = Enabled
- Forced respawn = Disabled

3. clicked "ok" in Module
4. Module auto-grouped itself to another module, so I de-grouped it.
5. drew Synchronization lines to vehicles that I want to have ran by the respawn module I just set up.

video of the results. (video includes screenshots of the module values)

am I missing some step(s), like creating a respawn marker for each vehicle or something else?