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#1 Posted at 2013-10-26 10:47        

Hi guys im need of someone to link me to or write me a script. any help would be appreciated.
Hi guys i need to be able to have a convoy drive from one waypoint to another. But if the convoy is attacked i need the fllowing to happen.

Car 1 have driver and 2 soldiers.

car 1 goes to waypoint 1.
Soldier 1 and 2 eject and goes waypoint 2.
Car 1 is not moving.
Soldier 1 and 2 goes back into the car 1.
Car 1 is moving to waypoint 3.

If car 1 is destroyed then respawn after 10 min.
If soldier 1/2 or driver were killed, don't respawn them until car will be destroyed.

Can some on link me to a script or make a script so this is possible ?

Thanks guys

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