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I just started playing the campaign "Bastard Squad" it is a great campaign, I am just having a problem and need some help. I am in Chapter 2 where you enter the base and there are several tanks, I approached each tank and set charges on them, then out of nowhere Two Tanks show up with guys in black suits and start blasting me, I killed the guys in the suits when they hit the ground on foot. However, I have two problems, First I have no rocket launchers or LAW rockets to destroy the tanks that showed up, and I do not see a way to detonate the tanks that are docile and ready to be blown up. There is not a way point showing me where to go, I am just getting shot at by these tanks with nothing but a rifle, I looked all over for info about getting through this and had no luck so I decided to swallow my pride and come here and ask someone here who figured it out, I want to finish the campaign!

I appreciate your help,