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As a platoon leader in an I44 Realism Unit, I am always looking for things that can benefit our community and gaming experience. In the mod Invasion 1944, the lack of suppressed weapons definitely hurt us during operations as we do not use the suppressed Sten or De Lisle Carbine since we are an American Airborne unit. So, as I do not have any experience modding, I am calling out for help from modders in the I44 community that can help us out. I am asking for one weapon mod, and that is the Welrod. Used by British SOE and OSS during WW2, the Welrod is a bolt-action mag fed sidearm that has an integrated suppressor. The 9mm version is requested (6 bullets in a mag) and damage should be equal to 1911 damage in I44. In between shots, there should be a "cooldown" before the user is able to fire another round (about 1-2 seconds). Sounds can be taken from De Lisle Carbine. The modeling/texture should not prove to be difficult due to its simplistic fashion. The weapon itself is very unique and is bound to be a pleasure for users due to its cool factor. This will definitely benefit the WW2 community and I implore modders to please take my suggestion. Thank you.
EDIT:Any modder could use the 7 round 1911 mag for the Welrod as it was chambered in .45 at a later date, but this will save you some work.
Wikipedia article on the Welrod
Picture of the Welrod

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