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#1 Posted at 2014-01-24 01:20        
So this is my first mission that is complete. It has respawn scripts, Carpet bombing scripts ---
(, Ambient Civilians and Opfor, and Vehicle respawning (if you would like a script added then give me the link and I will add it. There are also some hidden explosives from enemys as your "welcoming" gift. This mission has all of the artillery that is not mobile complete with a battery computer and 4 boxes of ammo. If needed I will be happy to add more vehicles, at the moment there are cool vehicles that everyone I know likes but if you need you may spawn them in or I can update the mission.

Things you will need - ACE.

Date Created - 1/23/14 - Latest update 1/23/14

Download -

New duplicate thread deleted. No idea why you need to start a new thread for the exact same mission. Like everyone else, one thread for this one mission from you is enough.

Also posting in the "searching for a specific mission" thread to announce your mission elsewhere available is not allowed (crossposting) and totally unnnedeeded.

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