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#1 Posted at 2014-05-03 20:54        
I've gone through lot of threads on this topic; I've seen lots of contradictory statements, but I only now found a good answer.

This seems pretty flakey: "reinstalled OA into the Arma 2 directory, installed map using mod folders" ... copy OA into the A2 directory? why not just run CO?
And "installed map using mod folders"? That's what I was looking for, but I've never ever anywhere found a download for Utes ... which leaves me wondering why it's different.

I found this in another forum. Simple and to the point: "The map comes with Arma2. There are no separate downloads outside of those avenues for those maps".
That seems real sensible. Not sure it's actually true, but it makes good sense.

So I'm re-installing Arma2. I suspect that's the fix.

p.s. there's "Utes Island" (co@x_utes-island.pbo) at ... but it's for ArmA3. Close, no cigare.

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#2 Posted at 2014-05-03 23:54        
I don't understand why you have "installed map using map folders" which map are you on about? Utes?

Utes is part of the default game, you do not need to install it in a map folder, just install the game and it
will install to the correct place itself, maybe that is why its not working for you.

The "p.s" part you put, that is a mission! nothing to do with islands or whatever.. so leave that out of this.

If you have both ArmA 2 and OA then 1st install ArmA 2 then OA and then patch up to the recently version of
1.62 and run the game, you should touch wood have no errors unless you have done it wrong.

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