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#31 Posted at 2015-05-03 20:53        
# alexgardien5 : Hi maybe you did not understand the ¨fix¨ I was talking about... Basicly when I download the mod via Play With Six or Armaholic it comes packed like this :

It would be really better because when you download the mod on play with six it works right away... Otherwise you need to manualy create the files and for some members on our group its a real nightmare... Thanks you
oh got ya, that is how pw6 works, didn't know mate sorry, ok cool wont be for awhile mate as im doing other packs updates but next ones i update from now on will be packed like that, no keys tho mate. *THUMBS UP*


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#32 Posted at 2015-05-03 21:15        
Thanks a lot ! :D