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#1 Posted at 2014-06-22 09:35        
Figured I'd go ahead share it here that I'm working on a Mi-26, I'm mostly using Arma 2 WIP because I wouldn't be able to garuntee it for A3 although I'm sure one way or another a port could work.

It's literally a full work in progress, not WIP as in here is the finished vehicle with texture and so on or even finished model, it is literally work in progress that I only started four days ago.

I'm testing a technique of modelling with a simple mesh and then applying subdivision to it to take care of the smoothness, thus far it has worked well and the dense mesh has been very nice to cut out of and weld things to.
I'll be optimizing it later down the line once I'm certain there will be no more body work, and I'll keep it up to date here as I do my BI thread if no problems come of it.

Looks like the next step is going to be fixing the cargo doors shading.

Fixed the door lighting first thing when I got on, now it is flush with the rest of the airframe.

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