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#1 Posted at 2014-07-12 11:42        
My request is simple: Fix the MQ-9 UAV

Why it should be fixed:

*The Reaper is a force to be reckoned with.
*The Reaper is a potent fire platform with 8 Laser-guided Hellfire Missiles.
*The Reaper can designate for other assets.
*The Reaper can designate for it's own engagement.
*People have been trying to use the Reaper to effectively engage targets to no avail.
*The Reaper can be fixed in game relatively easily.

Why fixing it is simple: The camera and the laser designator for the little ball-camera-turret-pod-thing on the underside are precisely 180 degrees apart. Don't believe me? Go to the editor, put it on the in the desert ground, get in gunner, set fuel to zero, point the turret backwards, turn on the designator. Wait a bit for it to find the laser target, then move the mouse. The laser target shoots straight in the opposite direction. You can even tab target it with the Hellfires and move the target mid-flight.

My request: Someone just take the BIS model and fix this ONE thing. It will make the UAV so much easier to use. Just add a corrected variant, maybe even one with two LGBs, and give me a nod for noticing this.

If anyone can hear me on this, I beg of you: please fix this oversight.