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I have decided to start learning a bit about modding ARMA 3 about a week ago. Today I tried to retexture one of the uniforms from the addon "African Conflit" to learn about retexturing.

I started off by editing the texture (basicly just replacing the NATO flag in the uniform by another flag) and then I went on to face the configuration.

This is how I set it up:

Unit that uses the retextured uniform:
class PT_Rifleman : B_Soldier_base_F {
		_generalMacro = "PT_Rifleman"; 
		scope = 2;
		displayName = "Rifleman"; // In-game name of unit
		faction = pt_units; // Puts unit under new faction
		vehicleClass = "men_units"; // Puts unit in the vehicleclass
		icon = "iconManLeader";
		nakedUniform = "U_BasicBody";  
		uniformClass = "PT_Uniform";  // Uniform Class
		hiddenSelections[] = {"Camo"};
		hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\PAF\Textures\ptuniform.paa"};
		backpack = "B_FieldPack_oli"; // Backpack Class
		linkedItems[] = {"V_mas_afr_TacVest_b", "H_HelmetIA", "ItemMap", "ItemCompass", "ItemWatch", "ItemRadio","FirstAidKit"}; // Item's added to the unit. 
		respawnLinkedItems[] = {"V_mas_afr_TacVest_b", "H_HelmetIA", "ItemMap", "ItemCompass", "ItemWatch", "ItemRadio","FirstAidKit"}; // Item's added to the unit. Should be identical to the linkedItems section.
		weapons[] = {"arifle_mas_g3","Binocular","hgun_mas_usp_F","Throw","Put"}; // Weapons added to the unit.
		respawnweapons[] = {"arifle_mas_g3","Binocular","hgun_mas_usp_F"}; // Weapons added to the unit. Should be identical to the linkedItems secti
		magazines[] = {"20Rnd_mas_762x51_Stanag","20Rnd_mas_762x51_Stanag","20Rnd_mas_762x51_Stanag","20Rnd_mas_762x51_Stanag","20Rnd_mas_762x51_Stanag","20Rnd_mas_762x51_Stanag","20Rnd_mas_762x51_Stanag","20Rnd_mas_762x51_Stanag","HandGrenade","HandGrenade","12Rnd_mas_45acp_Mag","12Rnd_mas_45acp_Mag"};
		Respawnmagazines[] = {"20Rnd_mas_762x51_Stanag","20Rnd_mas_762x51_Stanag","20Rnd_mas_762x51_Stanag","20Rnd_mas_762x51_Stanag","20Rnd_mas_762x51_Stanag","20Rnd_mas_762x51_Stanag","20Rnd_mas_762x51_Stanag","20Rnd_mas_762x51_Stanag","HandGrenade","HandGrenade","HandGrenade","12Rnd_mas_45acp_Mag","12Rnd_mas_45acp_Mag"};

Uniform configuration in Cfgweapons:
class CfgWeapons {
	// Uniforms
	class U_mas_afr_B_uniform;
	class UniformItem;
	class ItemInfo;

	class PT_Uniform: U_mas_afr_B_uniform {
		scope = 2;
		displayName = "Portuguese Standard Uniform";

		class ItemInfo: UniformItem {
			uniformModel = "-";
			uniformClass = "PT_Rifleman";
			containerClass = "Supply50";
			mass = 50;

After all this was done I compiled it all, started up arma and as soon as I hit the menu I get the following error "No Entry: bin\Config.bin/CfgVehicles/PT_Uniform.scope", wich is very wierd becouse I clearly have the scope defined.
When I check out the uniform in game, the model of the uniform is different than "U_mas_afr_B_uniform" wich is what I am using to extend the class and the texture is there, but all messed up, like the UV mapping is all wrong.

If any one can assist a fellow beginner, I would be very thankfull.
Also, please forgive any grammar errors, I wrote this in a bit of a hurry.