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#1 Posted at 2014-09-21 00:24        
Hello there.
So, i've been fixing some of the tons of bugs that come with most alpha/beta material (surprisingly, ArmA 2 seems to have more downloadable content than ArmA but most of it seems to be unfinished), and while doing it, have learned a lot about config files, classes, subclasses, mostly on vehicles. And since im in a really Mig-21 VS F-4 Phantom phase, i've modded each of the respective config files (for personal use, obviously), to make sure they were as realistic as possible. This means, the F-4 (footmunch's F-4E) is that HUGE heavy beast that scares the sh*t out of Mig pilots, though the Mig-21 is more agile and smaller. I've added countermeasures to each, suited their radars to mimic as possible how they used to be, etc etc. Then, while testing, i've noticed something that i forgot happens a lot with ArmA 2. The Mig-21 which has a weaker radar and all of that, engages instantly, the F-4 doesnt even flee the missile or fire Flares, which is really weird because it should be automatic with the AI to do that...
When reversing the situation, the F-4 is chasing the Mig at start, then just kind of ignores it, which makes the Mig turn around and engage it, like described above. When flying the F-4 by myself, i can instantly kill the Mig, so....
But anyway, i've seen this with lots of addon aircraft. Thing is, i checked their configs, even tried making them equally strong, same kept happenning.
Does anyone have any possible explanation to why the AI reacts like this? The AI addons i have dont really affect dogfights, and even if they did, the weaker Mig still triumphs without even getting fired at.

Thank you for reading, hope i was clear

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