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Operation Cold Rising - Ep 2


Survive with your Squad leader, regroup to lead your own Squad and play through an epic cocktail of Action and Atmosphere. Episode 2 takes you through survival & defensive tasks against the FIA in the story-driven campaign of Operation Cold Rising.

Some mods "might" interfere with mission. Bugs are usually random and does not occur with every launch. Happens very rarely. If errors do occur please do post a comment below with information regarding the bug.

Episode 2 took quite a while to release as I dropped work because of other commitments, however since the great feedback and comments I felt motivated to restart the campaign and this is Episode 2 as promised! Future missions will be created however with smaller sizes as most of the issues arrives because of it's size.

  • No Addons required
  • Auto-Saves
  • Survival Choices
  • Fully voiced mission
  • Immersive Insertion and extraction
  • Support through Smoke grenade (Feature)
  • Urban environments and Close quarters

  • Installation:
    The download links to Steam Workshop. Subscribe there and it will be downloaded to your game.

    Make Arma Not War entry:
    - Vote


    Cheers for all the support and comments, feedback and requests alike. Please do leave feedback as this mission was made for you, the public. Your opinion matters! Post below!

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