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Hello All!

I am nearing completion on this mod. It was scheduled to be completed 31 Mar, but it looks like it might be completed in the next few weeks. Just wanted to provide everyone a brief overview of this new mod. You can check out the website:

This is a persistence mod, i.e. everything you do is saved into a database.

Here are some of the features to be released for Alpha: Feature List @

-Build around resources to capture resource point
--4 Different styles of walls
---Normal Wall
---Windowed Wall
---Corner Piece
---Garage Door
---3 Types of Flooring
---Normal Floor Size
---Section (for top of walls)
---Corner (for corners)
---Foundation (Thicker to build a level building)
--1 Way Reflective Glass
---Build a glass panel and put it into a windowed wall
---Provides the ability to see one way, other way is reflective and unable to see in
---2 Types
----Claim marker
-----Prevent non-group members from building
------Only 1 allowed per player
-------To prevent players from taking over multiple resource locations

-Resource Locations (Total 60+)

-Crafting Factories (20+)
--Primary Weapons
--Launcher Weapons
--General Items
-Claim Marker:
--Allows building withing 300m
-Everything is craftable
--​Resources are required to build

Base AI Guards:
-The ability to hire NPC to guard your base.

-Real Supply/Demand Economy
-Single currency
-Everyone starts off with a set ammount of currency
--Only way to gain additional currency is to:
---Sell to other players
---Recycle items (for minimal value)
----Limits price inflation as many game have by limiting total economic growth
---Adds to Total Economy:
----New players
----Selling to Recycler
---Removes from the Total Economy:
----Base AI Guards
----Base Maintenance

-Everything is sellable:
-Auction house style
--No Bidding
--Player sets price
--Player gets paid when another player purchases

Lockable Vehicles

Lockable Doors

​Enhanced Grouping System
-Players can request to join group
-Groups can invite players
-Approval process for invites and requests
-Ability remove invites and requests
-Single leader system
-View group members on map
-AI wont shoot group members
-Members can use other members doors and vehicles

New Vehicles:
-Arma 2 Humvees
-Resource Miner
--Automated resource gathering
---Provides enticement to raid bases
---Provides insecurity when mining resources
--Gathers 2x the resources as a player
--Player not required to be at location while gathering

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Please replace your all caps title. We dont allow typing in all caps!


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