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#1 Posted at 2016-02-14 12:48        
So dead arma 2 is.... wow.
Anyways for any of you zombies who are still around... I recently started playing a life server with all the cool cars, but I found all of the car speeds rather underwhelming.

I.E. Bugatti Veyron goes a whopping 200 -240~ KPh?
While a Ford Taurus/Suburban/M5 can down right out speed all of these cars at rivaling speeds or better 250+~ kph.

So I was thinking about modifying the PBO's myself (in a separate folder) to see if I can get these cars to down to more realistic proportions.

I started with tweaking this mod... not in any life servers that I know of, however it had all the tools to make a fast car.

My goal was to make it reach 250 KpH (as in real life Mitsubishi puts a limiter on all Lancers keeping them from exceeding 155mph or 249 kph). However I failed.

I tried tweaking the "Max Speed" but according to some forum posts written long ago, the Arma 2 engine bars any land vehicle from exceeding 120 KpH (The max speed, as stated remained at 180-200 kph). Then I tried tweaking the acceleration variables, changing the 180 and 100s to different numbers and apparently it doesn't change much. If anything it slowed the acceleration down some, but it didn't change the max speed from 180~.

According to the creator of the add-on, it uses Dead3yez better vehicle handling scripts. Is there something I'm missing, something I could do to make the car go faster aside from the scripts. I thinks because I don't understand what the variables in the script mean as it's all computer short hand and I don't know what to change.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated,

Added 11 hours 29 minutes later:

Ok so after better reading. It turns out the script falls apart over 200 kph (and I don't know enough about the script and what it means to change the speed). And, the little speed gauge never goes over 180 kph (it makes rapid fluctuations between 200 and 180).

For the record... here's the source of what I was using.

I still would like some help with trying to make the cars good faster. Particularly for the Bugatti, Lamborghini(s)... etc. where the cars should go 390 kph at the minimum.

Anyways thanks... for reading in any case.
May post this in requests.

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